Blackpool Council and the RSPCA Turn a Blind Eye to Abuse

In October 2019 a Blackpool resident contacted the RSPCA (Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) because of a next-door neighbour's dog. The dog is left out in the rain and cold and as a result, it barks and whines day and night.

Using the RSPCA online form for that purpose a report was lodged that alleged what was clear cruelty to the dog (now two dogs). The complaint described that the dog was left out day and night without any protection from the weather and that it barked and whined 24/7.

The RSPCA Advice Team replied that it 'wasn't their job to respond to every complaint' adding the following to the end of their email message:

... You may be interested to know that under the Environmental Protection Act 1990, a barking or howling dog can be a noise nuisance and result in prosecution. The owner can be taken to court by their local authority if he/she does nothing to stop the noise. For this reason, you can report persistently barking/howling dogs to your local authority noise control service (usually part of the local council's environmental health department).

Armed with that 'helpful' tip, Blackpool Council was contacted and over three months the person making the complaint provided Georgia Taylor, who is with the Environmental Protection Department, with the same information given to the RSPCA but she was also provided with audio evidence of the noise nuisance and photographic evidence of the unacceptable conditions, for what began with one dog and is now two dogs left outside in the rain and cold and allowed to bark and whine at all hours.

Georgia Taylor wrote to say that she needed a daily report sheet that confirmed the hours and details of the barking, as though 'constant' and '24-hours' were not a sufficient description. Obviously, her intention was to place obstacles in front of any complaint to reduce the likelihood that her office needed to act.

The RSPCA wants you to donate money to them, but then if you do contact this 'charity' you get an auto-reply with no follow-up and a 'Team' directs you to the local Council, who then uses forms to dissuade only the most persistent complaints from ever being dealt with...