Ashley Foundation, Dribben 'Under Investigation' According to Private Investigator

Updated: Apr 23

According to Philip (Les) Goulding, a self-described private investigator, based in Blackpool, Lancashire, Lee Dribben, his son Ashley Dribben and an Ashley Foundation trustee, David Kam, are 'under investigation'.

Writing to WireNews, Mr Goulding explained:

"[the] police and HMRC are also conducting their own enquires, and who we are liaising with..."
"We are working with the Police and charities Commission, and also have secured the main office to exclude these 3 individuals, until a meeting with the charity commission on 12th March."

Mr Goulding accused Kam of faciliting unlawful activities in connection with the Ashley Foundation, which is a registered charity, saying:

"I am a private investigator employed to investigate both Lee Dribben, his son Ashley and David Kam, who has facilitated the Dribben’s (sic) attempt to use the Ashley Foundation as their private ‘cash cow’"

Dribben's son, Ashley, is also a trustee, but it is unclear whether or not Goulding is also accusing him of facilitating the alleged unlawful behaviour of his father, who 'stepped down' from his Shadow Directorship (role), as reported by WireNews in June 2019.


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