Allegations Made Against Homeless Charity CEO By ‘Whistleblower’

Former long-term employee said to be contacting the authorities

The Ashley Foundation
The Ashley Foundation

According to Lee Dribben, CEO and Shadow Director for The Ashley Foundation, allegations have been made against him personally by a long-term employee.

Phil Smith, who Dribben said had worked for the registered UK Charity for 16 years, made the allegations directly. On 2 May 2018 Dribben confirmed: “he (Phil Smith) said he wanted to ‘whistleblow’ about me personally”.

According to Dribben, “The Trustees [one of whom is Dribben’s son Ashley Dribben] invited him to make any allegations direct to them and to provide any evidence”.

Instead, faced with presenting his evidence to Trustees who essentially work for Dribben, Smith said “he would contact the authorities”.


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