Face Mask Exemption Cards

Face Mask Exemption Cards - £4.99

— England, Wales & NI
— Scotland

For months WireNews Limited produced and distributed Face Mask Exemption Cards to anyone who exercised their right to an Exemption under UK Law. When the government finally relaxed this requirement, WireNews withdrew the item from its website because, frankly, it's not our main purpose.


However, recently, the UK government has reinstated this requirement and, sadly, appears to have stepped up other restrictions and, naturally, given fuel to those within society who feel that it's their place to tell other people what to do.

WireNews is now offering two different types of Face Mask Exemption Cards: One for England, Wales & Northern Ireland, and one for Scotland. The charge is £4.99 per card including Second Class Post anywhere in the UK. Each card comes with a plastic holder and lanyard (as shown).

The first step in obtaining your WireNews Face Mask Exemption Card is to register with WireNews. After registration, login and click the Exemption Card link, enter the required information, and then proceed to payment.

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